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Imagine the possibilities: You can start using your accounts receivable to buy more inventory, hire more employees and grow your business today! Why wait thirty, sixty or even ninety days to get paid when you can have cash in hand today? No account receivable is too small or too large. Contact us today for more information.

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What is Factoring?

Factoring is a transaction in which a business sells its invoices, or receivables, to a third-party financial company known as a “factor.” The factor then collects payment on those invoices from the business’s customers. Factoring is known in some industries as “accounts receivable financing.”

Factoring allows your business to receive cash quickly on its receivables, rather than waiting the 30 to 90+ days it often takes a customer to pay. Factoring allows you to quickly build up cash flow, which makes it easier to pay employees, handle customer orders, and grow your business. Factoring enables you to receive a large percentage of the invoiced amount, typically 75-85% within 24 hours. Your industry, your customers’ credit histories, and other criteria determine the advance rate received.

For example, let’s say your company averages $100,000 in receivables each month. Usually, very little of that is collected at month’s end because customers wait longer than 30 days to pay. If you were to factor that $100,000 invoice, you would receive a cash advance between $75,000 to $85,000 in the bank at months’s end, instead of zero!

“With my business expanding and experiencing tremendous growth, I found Hatch Funding at the optimal time.  I send over an invoice and I’m funded within hours of my request. This helps me manage my business and explore opportunities that I could not accommodate in the past.”

David Rogers, Pipeline Construction, Louisiana

How it Works

Hatch Funding is a business funding source that provides capital to both start-ups and well established businesses based on their Accounts Receivables. Qualifying for funding is NOT dependent on credit scores, annual revenue or number of years in business.

24 Hour funding is available

24 Hour funding available with no Application Fee, Transaction Fee or minimum requirements.

Invoice Funding for Government Contracts

  • Government Contracts are an extremely effective way to insure long term stability for your business.  However, for young, growing companies they can present cash flow challenges with long pay delays. Your worries go away when you are utilizing Hatch Funding.  Get paid instantly on both Invoices and Purchase Orders from the Government and continue to grow your business at an accelerated pace. There is no substitute for peace of mind and knowing you will have steady, consistent cash flow to grow your business. Never miss an opportunity for an RFP, or worry how you will fulfill the obligations of a contract when you turn to Hatch Funding for your financing needs.

Invoice Factoring for New and Growing Business

  • Cash flow is of the utmost importance for any new and growing business.  Hatch Funding gives you that confidence by providing you with cash options without you giving up control of your business. Our goal is to allow you to grow your business with Confidence!

Hatch Funding – Personalized Touch

We understand that every business is unique within its industry and may have customized invoices and approval processes.  Hatch Funding is sensitive to your Customers payment process and can adapt accordingly.

Hatch Funding – Accessibility is of Extreme Importance

No 1-800 Numbers and “no reply” email automated messages – We give you our cell phone numbers and always have staff available 24/7 for Advances and Questions.

Hatch Funding has clients in a wide variety of industries including but not limited to: Media, Technology, Construction, Infrastructure, Merchandising and Consumer Products.

Invoice Advances from $1,000 – $1 million+

Grow your Business with not only Advances on completed work but also on Purchase Orders

We can fund nearly every B2B business, regardless of age, size or credit.




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